The following is a gallery of Kagen's artwork. Visit the for sale page for current items available for purchase. All else has long since sold out and can sometimes be found in auctions.


Made in 2024


Cafe Wall Box Final Production



Made in 2023

Battery Operated Box

Walnut Bookmark Box



Purpleheart Bookmark Box


Cherry Bookmark Box


Made in 2022



Burly Hedgehog

Hex Flex

Made in 2021

Tornado Box


Plus Box


Made in 2020

Rune Cube



Braided Box



Virus Box


Made in 2019

Earth Box


Hexagon Pop Up Box

Minotaur Box

Infernal Puzzle Box

Made in 2018

Cafe Wall Box


Sequential Cabinet


Walnut Maze Box


Cherry Maze Box


Wood Painting 2

Bow Tie Box

Maple Maze Box


Honeycomb Box



Made in 2017

1,000 Move Box

Amboyna Burl Pattern Cryptex

Metamorphosis Table


Made in 2016



Loop Box (final version)

My new workbench


Made in 2015

Wood Painting

(this is not a photograph)


Secret Library

Disc Box II

5,000 Move Box


Pattern Cryptex


Amboyna Waterfall

Crunch Box



Circle Maze Box(prototype)


Pop Up Box

Cut Box


Made in 2014


Koa Pipe Organ Box

Loop Box (prototype)


Made in 2013


The Lotus Box (proof)


The Caterpillar Box (proof)

The Butterfly Box (proof)

Lotus Table Limited Edition of 23

Lignum Vitae Diamond Box


Made in 2012


Pipe Organ Box



Made in 2011

Diamond Box

Cocobolo Maze Burr

Lotus Box (prototype)

Pipe Organ Desk


Made in 2010

Pinwheel Box 2

Twisty Pencil Case

#2 Pencil Case

The Lotus Table Proof


Made in 2009

Self Contained

Maze Burr

Rosewood Block Box

Pixel Box


Made in 2008

Snake Box

The Lotus Table



Made in 2007

Maze Burr

(with veneered narra)

Secret Opening Book


Snake Escape Puzzle


Made in 2006

Jewel Box

The Maze Burr


The Maze Burr


Pattern Box edition

The Cafe Wall Table

83 Move Waterfall Box


Made in 2005

Pattern Box

Disc Edition

Rune Box Editions


Made in 2004

Braided Box


Made in 2003



Made in 2002



Made before 2002

83 Move Box



Antwerp 2002

1st place and peoples choice

Tokyo 2004

Puzzle of the year.

Chicago 2003

Honerable mention.

Boston 2006

Puzzle of the year.


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