Snake Escape Puzzle

This is my first and only packing puzzle. A packing puzzle is a style of puzzle where you are given a box or tray and and assortment of pieces that fit into it. There is a special movement that the this particular shape is capable of that makes it an intriguing packing puzzle. A certain "twist" is required. The two smaller snakes that form the handle to the lid are also a clue if needed.

What wood to make all nine of these snakes from? Snakewood of course. This is one of the densist woods known. It is exasperating to cut and polish, but in doing so you will be rewarded with a pristine polish and an amazing sark snake skin figure.

The Snake Box is made from prehistoric Kauri wood carbon dated somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 years old. The ancient trees fell long ago and stayed preserved in bogs. Ancient Kauri wood is excavated out of the ground in New Zealand.


Only 10 were made.





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