The Snake Box

I named this the "Snake Box" because it displays a snake-like tessellation. If M.C. Escher had designed this, I imagine he would have added little dots for the eyes and given them different expressions. I like the tessellation because it so nicely transforms into a surprisingly different common mosaic.

The first challenge is to find the first move. This is a hidden move in the spirit of the Braided Box. Once you have found this you may begin a sequence of moves very similar to the Block Box. The pattern transformation is the clue, you will know you have unlocked the box when you see the checkerboard. What!? A checkerboard!

There a few other nice secrets about the Snake Box, but I will not reveal these here. I can't give too much away!

This piece will be available Fall 2008. Click here for more.

The checkered motif. The box is unlocked.

The interior is made from curly maple. I've used my famous concealed compound hinges made from Ebony.

Holly and Ebony are the light and dark woods. These are so different that each requires a different finishing process.


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