The Maze Burr


Here is a puzzle form of the Rune Box. Beware! This is extremely complex! The Maze Burr disassembles like a cage burr puzzle, and has 12 sliding plates surrounding it to keep it locked shut. You will have to traverse a sequence moves based on the arrangement of the six mazes surrounding the cage to unlock it. Then it is possible to reassemble the puzzle with a different sequence. These sequences or solutions can be anywhere between 116 to 4 moves to unlock. A very difficult 113 move solution still has me completely stumped. A computer program was written just to generate the various solutions. There are thousands of variations. Many are yet to be discovered.


A special thanks to John Rausch, Tom Lensch, Mitch Slevc, and Robin Schaefer.


Just before opening.


The final move to unlock the puzzle.

Taking apart the Maze Burr.

All the pieces.

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