Many of the compartments open here.

Sequential Puzzle Cabinet

Video on my Instagram here.

This is the first furniture collaboration I have done with Silas Kopf who is a master of marquetry. Silas and I first met at Anderson Ranch when I took a class from him on how to do marquetry. After the class, he encouraged me to consider teaching classes on my own techniques. It was very uplifting to get such kind encouragement. We stayed in touch for many years and in 2017 he contacted me to collaborate.

Silas is known for his very clever mind bending concepts. He keeps you guessing at what is real and what is only an image, let alone from wood! He designed and built the cabinet and image of a dragon and tiger.

My part of the project was to design the mechanics and locking mechanisms. One has to search for various pieces of a hidden wooden key. Once assembled and put in the correct location it unlocks a final compartment. There are many hidden compartments in the cabinet overall, some which don't have anything do do with solving the final puzzle.

There are a few videos of this cabinet which are very fun to see.

Video on Silas's website here.

The pieces of the key. It is made entirely of wood and placed in a hole. Somehow a drawer on the other side of the cabinet can suddenly be opened?!!

Signatures on the back.



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