Rune Box

See Video Here.

How many moves does it take to open the Rune Box? That depends on how many moves you set it to. Like the Block Box this box has multiple settings. However, I can't actually count how many different variations it has! Somewhere in the hundreds! The most interesting sequence I have discovered takes 38 moves. You can make it as easy as a few moves. Some settings have multiple solutions, other settings have lots of traps and dead ends. I am still in the process of finding more sequences. It would likely require a deck of cards to go with it which challenges you to solve the diagram on the card you draw. A bit like the Tangram Puzzle or the Rush Hour Puzzle.

This is a proof of an edition I plan to release in Fall 2005. I haven't photographed the inter-workings yet. Stay tuned.....


Close- up of one of the six Runes on the outside. The Runes give clues to opening the box.


Rune Box opened. This is only the very beginning of solving this puzzle!!!


The Rune Boxes were given as gifts as a special thanks to the Karakuri Creation Group and the Nob Yoshigahara Design Competition (previously the IPP Design Competition). A special thanks for all who have supported my efforts in the past four years. Thanks everyone!

I look forward to what the next four years bring!



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