Cocobolo Maze Burr

(box version)

Each side of this box has a 3x3 maze, cut entirely with square corners with a central square cut peg attached to light wood plates. Each light wood plate shifts one direction while the maze above it shifts orthogonal to it. Often moving a maze means you unlock a portion of another maze on a different side of the box. After shifting all twelve different sides of this box many times it will be open.

This is an evolved version of the Maze Burr awarded puzzle of the year in 2006. It differs from the original in that, it is an actual box and does not disassemble into the notched sticks. When this is unlocked it functions as a solid box does, and if you wish, you may also unlock the extra maze plates and reprogram the solution sequence. The solution can be anywhere from 7 moves to 116 moves.

If you are scared of this, you can give it to someone who likes math!


Square cut 3x3 maze in quatersawn cocbolo.



In action!




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