The 83 Move Waterfall Box


Finally after so many years I am very happy to be releasing the final box in the Waterfall Series. This is no easy box to open either. I expect it will take a good amount of time even for very experienced puzzle solvers. To be nice, I have added some clues. Like the Rune Box, each maze is represented on each side. The 3x3 Maze is masterfully crafted from Wenge and Maple and inset into the Walnut face. I took so much care to make these precise maze inlays and yet the dark Wenge stripes don't seem to line up about the edges? Here is another clue to solving the box. Once all the Wenge stripes do match up, the box will then open!


Could it be that the four previous Waterfall Boxes made in the last five years are also a clue? First of all, I would like to point out that the first Waterfall Box takes 7 moves to open. The second is 15 moves, the third 19 moves and the fourth is 42 moves. 7+15+19+42 = 83 moves!


Also the four previous Waterfall Boxes have a Wenge ribbon guiding you in the path of the right direction to solve open the box. If all four are combined a new ribbon matches up. This is a map to solving the final 83 move solution!


I planned this all out many years ago, and I am now very excited that this will finally be completed so soon.

A thanks to everyone who has been supporting me on this project.



When all the Wenge ribbons match about the sides of the box it is ready to open.





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