83 Move Box


This was my first IPP design competition entry. I entered this in the 2001 competition held in Tokyo.

This box takes eighty-three moves to open with all six sides moving two directions. The dark ribbon surrounding the box is a clue to help lead you in the right direction. Each side of the box is fixed to a 3x3 maze underneath meaning it moves one space in four direction. Since the mazes are hidden underneath the box is very a very challenging puzzle.

This box was made from wenge, maple, walnut, and Baltic birch plywood. I made it during my off hours working in a production shop in Denver Colorado. Only two were made.

The 83 Move Box led me to design the Waterfall Series and later the Maze Burr which won the puzzle of the year award for 2005.

Special thanks to: Charlie White and Nick Baxter.



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