Disc Box II

See Disc Box II video here.

This is the first puzzle box I have designed that I cannot solve! Like its predecessor, you must rotate intersecting discs on the top of this box to create a checkered triangular pattern. In each version of the Disc Box there is an array of discs fixed to the top of the box. Each disc has a number of gaps carved out of it, like a bite from an apple. Aligning any gap to a neighboring disc will unblock it and then you are free to rotate it too. In the first Disc Box, I left the gaps empty. This made the solution a linear sequence. However, with the Disc Box II, this is far from the case. It is pure chaos!

Unlike its predecessor, the discs on Disc Box II have gaps filled in with flower petal shaped pieces. These smaller pieces are not fixed to one spot like the discs, but are free to drift across the top of the box and trade places with other petal shaped pieces. It is easy to start solving the pattern at first, but about midway through the discs start to block each other in unexpected ways and the flower pieces will seem stuck in locations they should not be. I will need to put some time into unraveling a good strategy for solving it. I finally get to play with one of my own designs without knowing the solution in advance!


Close up.




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