The Hex Flex

2023 Puzzle of the Year!

Out of all my boxes up to this point, this one takes the cake for the most unusual opening. It opens like nothing I have made before. Discovering the various parts that move are easy after reasoning it out a bit. Then you will need to take a leap of faith and overcome your worst fear about the box. Once you do so, a final "aha" moment awaits to reveal its interior. The Hex Flex is a feat of mechanical magic. It defies what you think a wooden box should do.

The top of this box is made from solid Ziricote wood layered with Hard Maple. This is both aesthetic and functional for reasons I cannot give away. The central Hexagon is made from solid Curly English Sycamore. The sides are a solid thick layer of pink Pacific Maple Burl with another layer of English Sycamore behind it forming the box interior. 

A close up of the side that shows Pacific Maple Burl with English Sycamore edges.

A few stacked here to show the variety of pink tones of the burl.


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