Earth Box

The Earth Box gets it name from the intense grain patterns of the Ziricote wood. This wood often reminds me of a layered mountain landscape or sedimentary rock formations.

Like the Cut Box it has a unique jagged cut separating the top from the bottom. Unlike the Cut Box it has many puzzle mechanisms keeping a number of secret compartments inside it hidden. The initial step to open it is easy and elegant. It reveals a functional compartment. It also shows off the wonderful effect of air displacement. When the lid is placed onto the box it glides down slowly. Here is a link to video.

This is the first large scale box with multiple puzzles I have created. I have seen many of Akio Kamei's larger boxes and have always been very impressed with his work. These seem to bridge the gap between small puzzle boxes and furniture and sitting down to open one of these large boxes can be a fun social experience to do with friends.



I let the grain of the wood inform the shape and direction of the cut to some degree. Each Earth Box has a unique fault line, and other unique cuts like it inside too. But you must uncover the mechanisms to find these...

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