October 17, 2005

This summer I designed the Pattern Box, the final versions of the Rune Box, among two other very interesting small boxes. Throughout the week I will be adding photos and descriptions of these new designs. Stay tuned. More importantly, I moved! I have just now finished setting up my new workspace in Denver, where I grew up. I was missing the beautiful mountains and sunshine. Also new links have been added.

Rune Box added to the For Sale Page.

Pattern Boxes coming in February.

These are coming next Spring:

The Waterfall #5.

An edition of the Book.


May 16th, 2005

I am now taking reservations for the 42 Move Waterfall Box. It is scheduled to be completed in July. See the updated For Sale Page , and 42 Move Waterfall Page.


April 29th, 2005

The final proof for the 42 Move Waterfall Box is set. Click here to see Photos. The final edition will be available in late June. Stay tuned for photos of the final Waterfall as well....

A note on the Rune Boxes. The editions of these to be released next Fall will be featured in Cocobolo, figured Narra, and Maple. I am currently re-proofing these so they may take very complex variations up to 102 move sequences. Please excuse my change in plans. These will be well worth the wait to see.


March 25th 2005

Most of the new Disc Boxes are completed. Click here to see photos. Also see more new production photos of the new box.

Some very interesting new photos have been posted on the Karakuri Creation Group page.

All my work is sold out! I am now very busy starting new projects. My next two available boxes will be the Waterfall #4 and #5 boxes coming soon. Photos and information about these are coming soon.



January 29th 2005

Click here to see production photos of the Disc Boxes. The Disc Boxes are soon to be my finest work yet! I expect to have this very exclusive small edition ready in a month.

My friends keep asking me about the trophies I have received. What does a trophy for a puzzle design look like? It is a puzzle of course! See the Gallery page to view the trophies. They are beautifully crafted puzzles in themselves..

Two new designs have been added to the gallery. This completes my work for 2004.

Click here to see the Rune Box.

Click here to see the Diamond Book.

I expect to release editions of these next Fall.

What editions will I be releasing next? The finale of the Waterfall Series is coming this Spring.


Click here to see what was new in 2004.


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