December 5th 2004

Oops! It has been a while since I have updated this site. What have I been doing in the last few months? In October, my studio-mate and I moved our whole workspace. The move was into an adjacent studio in the building. My new workspace is very cozy and I have been enjoying finishing up with the Dodecahedron Boxes. The Dodecahedron Box run has proven to be the most challenging and yet satisfying run I have taken on. I have learned a whole new respect for patience and precise timing through my work with these boxes. Many would think so much of my time was spent assembling such a complex construction.. I also though this would be the case. However, I was surprised to have spent less time assembling the Dodecahedron Box than most of my other work. The majority of time spent has been dedicated to a highly fine-tuned finish. Here are some more pictures of the Dodecahedron Box run.


September 5th 2004

The For Sale page and the Dodecahedron Page have been updated. I've been busy with a special glue-up process for making pentagons that will become the sides of the Dodecahedron Boxes. Click here to see photos.


August 26th 2004

I have just posted the tools page and have the gallery site almost ready. There are a lot of photos on these two pages.


August 22nd 2004

Dodecahedron Box production has begun.


August 11th 2004

I have just returned to home to Portland, Oregon after a most incredible trip to Tokyo for the 24th International Puzzle Party. This was my first time participating in the IPP. I met many great puzzle collectors and designers. It was overwhelming to say the least.

Click here to see award photos.

Click here to see Photos of the International Puzzle Party in Tokyo.

So now I am building a web site Here it is!!


August 1st 2004

The Dodecahedron Box wins both the Grand Prize and the People's choice awards at the IPP 24 Design Competition in Tokyo.


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