February 12th, 2020

The Rune Cube is here! I now have this amazing new box for sale. This is a puzzle box that does it all!

I have also posted pictures of a number of small projects dating as far back as 2015 to my gallery. Here is a list of works in order from newest to oldest.

2020: Rune Cube

These are past projects that are not for sale.

2019: Minotaur Box, Infernal Box, Hexagon Pop Up Box

2018: Cafe Wall Box, Painting 2, Bow Tie Box, Sequential Cabinet with Silas Kopf

2017: 1,000 Move Box

2015: Pop Up Box

For the upcoming 4 months I am now spending my time completing the long awaited Butterfly Box project. This is the final box in the Lotus Trilogy and more than 5 years in the making. It is a booked out project at this time and I am no longer taking reservations.


December 6th, 2019

My talk for the EG conference was a wonderful experience! I've never spoken in front of so many people before and it really helped challenge me to do some new things. I focused a lot of my energy on telling a story. A video link of the talk is now available to see. You can view it here.

The Earth Box added to the gallery page. I have a number of other images to add to 2018 and 2019 which will be posted in about a month too.

April 30th, 2019

Payment buttons and shopping cart have just been added to the "For Sale" page. All Maze Boxes are available for purchase.

I am very excited to be presenting a talk at the EG Conference in a few days. Here is a link with info about it. I am humbled to be speaking amongst such world class talent!

I will also be doing presentations on planing Yosegi at 2 upcoming events with Kezurou-Kai USA. This is a group of people who gather and learn about Japanese style woodworking. The first event is May 25th in Denver, Colorado. Link for tickets here. The second event is July 13th and 14th in El Cerrito, CA. Email info@kezuroukai.us to purchase tickets for this event.

Here is an example of some Yosegi I made last year. (Actually I think it is technically called "Zougan Art" when creating an image instead of a geometric design).

I expect to have photos of my 2018 work posted soon. I did a wonderful mechanical furniture collaboration with Silas Kopf!


Dec 10th, 2017

Starting January 1st, I will be worlking full time on the Caterpillar Box. This is expected to be completed April 2018. This is currently fully booked.

I am gathering materials for the Maze Box production and expect this to be completed in late Summer 2018.

I will be teaching my third puzzle box workshop at Anderson Ranch in August 2018. It is a 5 day class and quite a beautiful setting just outside of Aspen Colorado. You can read more info about it here.


June 1st, 2017

I just added the Circle Maze Boxes to the for sale page. You can email me to make reservations.



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