October 7th, 2013

I am now donating a portion of all sales to the Forest Stewardship Council. This is an organization dedicated to preserving forests worldwide.

The first photos of the Lotus Box Trilogy are up. I am now accepting a half payment deposit to secure reservations. Click here for pricing.

Click here to read more about the Lotus Box.

I am honored to be teaching a week long class at Anderson Ranch next July 2014. My class is a workshop course which will focus on how to make a traditional Japanese puzzle box.

Anderson Ranch is located a few minutes from Aspen Colorado and offers summer workshops for anyone interested in honing their skills in all art mediums. It is a stunningly beautiful place.

I have restored the Disc Box production page.

Hector Cobian has been working full time for me for 2 years. Visit this page to read about him.

My wife and I have both changed our last names together to celebrate our marriage. My new name is Kagen Sound (formerly Kagen Schaefer).

A final note. I have now switched my email to Kagenbox@gmail.com. Please take a moment to update this info in your address book.



April 17th, 2013

Lotus Tables are completed!!!

A new page is added with the final table. Click here to see it.

This project was a rite of passage for me. Thanks everyone for your support over the last few years.

I just started a blog. Visit it here.

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