I am clamping up freshly glued Bubinga, and Maple wedges.

The Clamps themselves are a work of art. They make a beautiful five point star. The clamped wood inside will make about 1/2 a Dodecahedron Box.

A close up on the clamped wood.

This is a tiny wenge rivet used to fasten each side to the Dodecahedron Box.

Wenge rivets.

Here I have clamped a block plane upside-down so that I may finish certain edges. It is easier to hold the small pieces and keep the plane stationary.

I would have to frequently sharpen the block plane blade. In this photo the blade is sharp enough to shave with. I don't recommend shaving with it though!

Here is what a Dodecahedron-making jig looks like. I am using it with my plane to clean up the edges on the exterior pentagons.

In motion.

Maple and Bubinga end-grain shavings.

All done!!


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