Here is my workbench. Purpleheart.

Here is another workbench made from a door. I like to keep a few hand-screw clamps bolted to the bench-top. This works wonders for clamping boards to the bench top for delicate planing and sanding steps.

Wood racks. Many thanks to Piezo Hall, who taught me how to make these. I keep many precious woods in stock for my projects. Up top are interesting puzzle pieces from past projects.

To the left above my planer is a puzzle apothecary. I now have so many small pieces of puzzle boxes from my past projects that I need to keep these filed.. So in each drawer I am keeping various tiny pieces of box parts. The knobs to each drawer will be made from the small wood part within. To the right are a few actual boxes, some prototype and proof versions. Up top are pieces of my first box run, The Beast. Relics from the past.

The future awaits. Here is a clamp up for the upcoming Pattern Boxes. This is to be on the side of the Pattern Box. It is the "key" to solving the box of course.

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